We consider submissions of poetry, prose, and visual art that explore questions of ecology and spirituality from within and outside all religious traditions. We are delighted by thoughtful art, compelling stories, bewitching poems that reflect our values of curiosity, justice, and community. We consider all submissions for publication on our website and/or in our quarterly print issues.

EcoTheo Review appreciates the trust involved in our relationships with authors and readers. We know how difficult it can be to share work, especially of a sensitive nature. If the work you are sending us depicts traumatic events, whether personal or historical in nature, we invite you to consider including a Content Warning for our editors. Should we choose to publish such work, we want to demonstrate care for our readers as well, and our Publication Contract will include an opportunity for you to offer a Content Warning. These will be included when we publish the work, online and/or in print, as well as when we share the work through our social media accounts. We are grateful for the opportunity to consider your work.

Please allow at least 3 months while we review your submission. Our editors are all volunteers, with other work, family, and creative commitments. We appreciate your patience as we give all submissions the consideration they deserve. We do not accept previously published work, but we do accept simultaneous submissions. Please notify us promptly if your work is accepted elsewhere.

*For works of translation, submit your work directly to JC Niala, our International and Translation Editor at jc@ecotheo.org

EcoTheo Collective